Oral Appliances

Are you looking for a removable oral appliance to help manage obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, or teeth grinding? If so, the team at Capital Dental Centre offers a range of oral appliances, which dentists and numerous health professionals recommend to manage a variety of dental and other related health conditions.

Bruxism oral appliances: Continuous clenching of the jaw and frequent teeth grinding often lead to health concerns such as migraines, chipped teeth and other disorders. Custom-fitted oral devices for bruxism are removable, comfortable and have been proven to effectively manage these conditions.

Sleep apnea oral appliances: Sleep apnea dental devices offer patients suffering from this condition a comfortable and custom-fitted appliance, which helps keep the tongue in place and effectively align the jaw while the patient is asleep, allowing for unobstructed breathing.

Snore guard mouthpiece appliances: The snore guard oral appliance prevents the soft tissues responsible for snoring from obstructing a patient’s airways, thus eliminating snoring, allowing for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sports guard appliances: Custom-fitted sports mouthpieces are designed to comfortably protect your teeth and gums during contact sports, such as hockey or boxing, with the help of highly absorbent anti-shock material.

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