Dental surgery

At Capital Dental Center your health and safety is our first priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that you are informed and fully prepared before any work is done.

Our facility is home to the most current technology, including computer-aided surgery, also called 3D guided surgery. With this technology we are able to perform precise dental implants and extractions with predictable, effective results.

3D guided surgery drastically reduces or eliminates the need to make incisions in soft tissue and this decreases the risk of potential damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This means that swelling, bruising, and discomfort are reduced which leads to faster healing and a stronger recovery.

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What kinds of dental surgery do we do?

There are several types of dental surgery. These include the following:

What is 3D guided surgery?

In dentistry 3D guided surgery is primarily used for dental implants. With computer imaging we are able to determine the precise location of the extraction and implantation site according to the data collected by a 3D x-ray. This information is given to a lab and used to 3D print a guide that is clipped onto your teeth. The guide is then ready to steer the implant (a ceramic zirconia or titanium root) into your jawline at the exact same position where the extraction took place.

The data collected from the digital imaging is used to 3D print a guide to aid the implant process with incredible precision.

Using this technology we’re able to perform the procedure at a level of detail and precision that is simply not possible without the technology.

We’re here to help

The thought of surgery doesn’t have to cause anxiety the way it used to decades ago. We use the latest technology to minimize invasiveness, reduce or eliminate damage to surrounding tissue, and lower the number of visits required to complete a procedure.

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