3D digital imaging

Sometimes we need to get a more comprehensive view than what an x-ray is able to offer. In these situations we call on the use of 3D digital imaging, which offers many advantages over traditional 2D x-rays (which are highly valuable too!)

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Why use 3D imaging over x-rays?

3D digital imaging offers the ability to view the scanned area from multiple angles. This technology also displays soft tissue and bone with much more detail than an x-ray can.

What this means for you is that we are able to detect problems much earlier than with other methods and we can track progress better too.

Our technology

Our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner provides the equivalent of hundreds of high-resolution images of your teeth and surrounding bone structure to quickly and precisely ascertain the state of your oral health.

As well as assisting in the placement of dental implants, CBCT scanners can also help identify impacted teeth, cysts, severe anomalies with your teeth and jaws, or diseases which may require gum surgery.

Let’s work together to build better dental health

The latest technology means that we can help you get your smile back on track faster and more efficiently.

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