Oral appliances

If you experience sleep disturbances due to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), teeth grinding or snoring, we can help you. Our custom oral appliances are designed to manage or eliminate these disturbances, leaving you feeling better able to make the most of your day.

We can also create custom oral appliances to protect your teeth during full-contact sports.

If you feel you need an oral appliance to improve your quality of life, simply fill out our contact form and one of our team members will reach out to you to set up an appointment.

Oral appliances for dental protection and
whole body wellness

Oral appliances can contribute to whole body wellness in several ways. For example, severe snoring during the night can interfere with a good night’s rest.

An oral appliance can minimize or stop snoring altogether. Improved sleep naturally leads to a better sense of wellbeing.

Fully customized for you

If your dentist thinks that you could benefit from an oral appliance, the first step is to take digital impressions of your teeth. The impressions are sent to a lab where your appliance is made to fit.

Once the appliance is finalized your dentist will advise you on how to care for it. Then your dentist will schedule a series of follow-up visits to make adjustments to your oral appliance (if needed) and to see how the treatment is progressing.

What are some common conditions
that require oral appliances?

Oral appliances are used to help with a variety of conditions. Here are the most common reasons.

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Sleep apnea oral appliances

Our oral appliances are designed to help manage obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as opposed to central sleep apnea (CSA).

OSA is caused by blockage of the airway during sleep. An oral appliance helps to manage this by slightly shifting the position of the lower jaw forward to open up the airway. When OSA is treated, it can help to drastically improve sleep which can lead to more energy during the day.

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Snore guards

Snoring is a common hindrance to a good night’s rest. A snore guard is designed to remove or reduce the intensity of snoring.

It does this by opening up the airways and nasal passages to prevent or reduce the blockage that causes snoring. This can help you achieve a better night’s rest which in turn can lead to better overall health and wellness.

It may help those around you to sleep better too.

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Protection for teeth grinding

Bruxism is the name for mild to intense teeth grinding at night or during the day. Nighttime teeth grinding can cause a sore jaw upon waking, lowered overall tooth strength or migraines.

A night guard—or occlusal guard—is used to help with bruxism. A night guard prevents damage to the teeth from clenching and grinding motions during the night and also helps to reduce pressure on the jaw by offering shock absorption.

We will create a custom-fitted guard for you based on digital impressions of your teeth. Over-the-counter night guards cannot match this level of detail in protecting your teeth. A proper fit will keep the appliance where it needs to be so your teeth and jaw remain protected during the night or day.

A night guard is custom made for you from digital impressions of your teeth. It is usually made to fit your upper teeth.

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Sports guards

Sports guards are designed to protect your teeth from potential injuries during full-contact sports. They are fully customized for you with a digital impression of your teeth.

The sports guard fits over your top row of teeth and offers protection to the front of your teeth in case of direct hits. We recommend that you use a guard custom made for you to optimize shock absorption.

Enjoy long lasting benefits

Your dentist will show you how easy it is to keep your appliance in optimal condition. This will help you to get the most out of your treatment.

We will schedule regular follow-up visits so your dentist can keep track of your progress.

Your commitment will pay off when you see the improvements an oral appliance can make in your life when sleep apnea, snoring, and/or teeth grinding is under control.

We want to meet you

At Capital Dental Centre we believe that a visit to the dentist should bring you real results that improve your life.

We are a trusted name in dental care in Ottawa. If you feel like you may need to treat your sleep apnea or teeth grinding we can help. Simply fill out the contact form and one of our team members will reach out to you to set up an appointment. It’s that easy.