Dental implants

If a tooth has sustained enough damage to render fillings and dental crowns ineffective—and the root of the tooth is compromised—then it may be time for a dental implant. Implants are a comfortable and long-lasting alternative to dental bridges or partials.

It is also possible to replace a missing tooth with this technology, which can correct some problems with chewing or speech.

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    Are implants right for you?

    Dental implants look and feel more natural compared to dentures or bridgework, as they are implanted directly into the jaw bone and don’t rely on any external hardware.

    Bone and gum density are important factors when considering implants, and play a major role in determining if implants are the best solution for you.

    Why do some people need
    dental implants?

    The main parts of a tooth are the root and the crown. As its name suggests, the root is the part of the tooth that is embedded into the jaw, and the crown is the top part of the tooth covering the root.

    • Dentists use fillings to fix minor damage or decay to the crown, known as cavities.
    • When the damage is more than what a filling can repair, partial crowns—known as inlays or onlays—are used.
    • If the whole crown of the affected, and inlays or onlays won’t work, then the entire crown should be replaced.
    • If the entire crown and root are compromised then the whole tooth should be replaced. This is where implants come in.

    The process

    On the first visit we will take a 3D digital radiograph of the area where the implant will be secured. During the second visit we’ll put the titanium root in the jaw. This is followed by a three to six month healing period.

    After the healing period we’ll take the last impression of the area using our imaging tools, so the new crown can be fabricated and securely placed.

    The materials

    We use titanium and ceramic zirconia for dental implants.

    Titanium is at the top end of biocompatibility with the human body. This is the reason why dental implants have seen such great success compared to all other procedures in dentistry. Titanium is also used in other surgeries such and knee and hip replacements and has an excellent track record spanning decades.

    A metal-free alternative to titanium is ceramic zirconia. This is one of the latest and fully proven technologies in dental implant services.

    Ceramic zirconia is virtually indestructible and has a special aesthetic appeal for those with thin gum tissue: the all-white hue will not show through gums, and can make it appear as if there are no implants present.

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