Digital radiographs

X-rays are a foundational technology in the medical world and dentistry is no exception.

With digital radiographs (x-rays) we can see problems that can’t be seen with the eye alone. This means that we can detect and fix a problem before it starts—or gets worse.

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Better images for better accuracy in treatment

We offer digital x-ray technology, which has been proven to provide less radiation than traditional x-rays. In fact, our digital x-ray technology emits even less radiation than you would absorb in a natural environment in a single day!

Our safe and low-radiation digital radiograph technology helps us identify the following dental concerns:

  1. Bone loss, due to gum disease, that’s difficult to see below the gumline.
  2. Non-visible tooth decay.
  3. Cancerous growths and benign tumours.
  4. Infections, abscesses or cysts.
  5. Irregular root positioning.

Thanks to our low-radiation digital radiographs, we have the capability to identify potential dental and gum anomalies during routine dental examinations before they lead to a dental emergency.

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