Emergency dental services

We’re here for you, even if you need emergency dentistry on the same-day or need walk-in urgent care. We can give you the very best care to get you back to optimal oral health quickly.

If you feel you need immediate dental care please call us at 613-526-9876

Tooth decay, bruxism (teeth grinding), and other conditions can slowly reduce the integrity of one or more of your teeth. When this happens it is possible for the tooth to crack or chip. This can happen during a teeth grinding episode during the night or biting down on an unexpected hard object, like an unpopped popcorn kernel.

If you have:

  • Sudden pain in tooth or gumline
  • Fractured, chipped or cracked teeth
  • Oral abscess (bacterial infection)
  • Broken braces or damaged oral appliance
  • Loss of a filling, partial crown, crown, or other form of dental restoration

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    What to do for dental emergencies

    Never try to diagnose a dental mishap on your own or try to treat it yourself.

    When to go to a hospital

    There are emergency situations that should be handled by a hospital. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please remain calm get yourself to a hospital as soon as possible:

    • If you have sustained a heavy hit to the jaw and are feeling intense pain when you try to talk or chew, your jaw might be broken.
    • Intense bleeding from the mouth, lips or tongue.
    • Difficulty breathing.

    We’re here when you need us

    We’re here to get you through a dental emergency safe and worry-free.

    Our experienced team and calming atmosphere is ready to get you, or a member of your family, back to optimal oral health as fast as we can.

    Simply fill out our contact form and one of our team members will reach out to you to get you in as soon as possible.