Microscope dentistry

We’re proud to offer the latest technology to improve your dental health. Microscope dentistry allows us to see your teeth at 14 times the real size, which allows us to work with greater accuracy than with the naked eye.

Microscope dentistry also provides us with enhanced visibility into your oral health so we can stop any issues before they become serious.

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What is microscope dentistry?

Microscope dentistry has been in use for over 20 years. It was developed to help with root canal therapy and evolved to other areas of the profession. It involves the use of a dental operating microscope (DOM) to enhance visibility, which can help with shorter recovery times after procedures.

Microscope dentistry is now used to help detect the early stages of periodontal disease and oral cancer, and can also really help with cosmetic dentistry applications too.

What is it like when we use microscope dentistry?

The microscope is suspended above your chair, and emits an adjustable and soft high-performance LED light. It is hooked to specially-positioned television monitors so our dentists can show you and/or our dental assistants what’s happening in your mouth in real-time.

Seeing a better path to dental health

We use the latest technology to help you achieve your best smile and a lifetime of great oral health.

If you are wondering how microscope dentistry can help you, get in touch. We’d be happy to help you with your dental care.