Giving back

Those of us with healthy teeth often find it difficult to understand what it’s like to live without the basics of dental care. At Capital Dental, we know all too well that there are many people in the Ottawa area who live with dental problems that cause them both physical and emotional pain.

Here are the ways that we try to help.

Educating kids in our community

It’s so important to start kids off in life with good habits. That’s why we do as many public events as we can, to meet people outside of the clinic to help them learn these essential skills.

Our annual customer appreciation event, for example, is a community fair where we hand out toothbrushes and toothpaste to anyone who stops by.

We also take pride in participating in Brush-a-Mania, an annual event (now virtual*) where we visit schools and conduct presentations to educate kids on the practices that ensure a lifetime of great oral health.

*COVID safety concerns have made an impact on our ability to do these events in person. The 2021 Brush-a-Mania was a virtual event, and it will continue to be until further notice.

Restoring smiles for CHEO cancer survivors

Dr. Mark McCullough and his friend and colleague Dr. Tim Winlow have donated their time and expertise at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Together, they have provided restorative dentistry treatments to help over 100 young cancer survivors get their smile back.