Dr. Anthony Braganza, associate dentist, DMD, BSc

Anthony is an Ottawa native, and graduated from McGill University in 2013 as a doctor of medical dentistry (DMD). The fact that he’s fluent in both French and English means that he can provide his very people-friendly approach to dentistry to patients in both official languages.

“The great thing about being a dentist are those moments you can share with the patient right in the chair,” says Anthony.

“I love that I can be with them on that journey as their teeth get better and better. At the same time, there are so many things I can do where you can change the tooth and see the improvements right away. That makes people really happy, and that’s a good feeling.”

Finding his true path

“I’ve always loved science, interacting with people, and working with my hands,” says Anthony. “Sitting behind a desk is not for me.”

After moving to Montréal, Anthony worked as a bartender for a few years to pay his way through school. “Bartending helped me figure out what I love to do most. That was where I realized that I love connecting with people and working with my hands,” he says.

After graduation, Anthony practiced dentistry at a Canadian military base, and then at the Department of National Defence main headquarters. From there he moved to the private sector, and started a practice with a friend. After they successfully sold that business, Anthony had a solo practice until he met Dr. Mark McCullough in 2017. Shortly thereafter he joined Capital Dental.

“Mark is a very highly sought-after teacher, and I liked that he leads a well-organized clinic. The big difference between Capital Dental and my own practice is that here I can focus on my patients and on dentistry. The management is all handled for me.”

Connecting with people

Part of Anthony’s success with his patients comes from his sincere enjoyment of people.

“I believe it’s important to have fun with your patients, and to try to make the appointment a fun experience, because coming to the dentist can be a stressful time for some,” he says.

He helps his patients by talking them through the process as he works. “I make sure they always know what’s going on, how long the different steps will last. They also appreciate that I give them a countdown–they like getting to a goal.”

He says that working with kids is very different. “I love how brave kids are,” he says. “They don’t have the experience that adults do, and I can really see that they are trying to understand what everything is, and what’s going on.”

Giving back

Before the COVID pandemic, Anthony has been a part of the Capital Dental Free Day of Dentistry events.

“There were people lined up around the block,” he says. “It was amazing, and I did a lot of work for people who needed help with their teeth. I was very touched by how grateful some of them were. It was amazing to see people going from hiding their smile behind their hand to smiling right at you.”

Also prior to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, Anthony enjoyed mentoring young students who are considering dentistry as a career. They watched him perform procedures like fillings and extractions, and helped out by passing tools.

“Teaching is my second passion! When I was in university I was the president of the Student’s Dental Association, and I was mentored by some great dentists. I want to help pass that love of learning on to the next generation of dentists.”

Anthony is looking forward to the future, when it will be safe to provide these services to the community once again.

A love of his profession 

Anthony still retains that love of learning himself, and participates in Mark McCullough’s research group to continue his education. 

He also loves that dentistry is so demanding. “Dentistry is very unforgiving. It demands precision without cutting corners, because small errors can lead to bigger problems down the road. It’s so rewarding!”

Outside the clinic 

In his free time, Anthony is a beekeeper, and is the captain of an archery tag team. “Don’t worry, we use arrows with soft foam instead of points!” he laughs.

Part of a great dentistry team

Teamwork helps Anthony, as well as the rest of the Capital Dental team, give you a great experience from the moment you walk in our door.