Andrea Cross, Restorative Hygienist/Hygienist

Andrea is a registered dental hygienist and received her Advanced Diploma of Dental Hygiene (with honours) from Cambrian College in 2015. She became interested in the field as a teenager after she had her wisdom teeth removed.

“I’m a people person,” says Andrea, “so my favourite part about being a hygienist is the wonderful people I get to meet and see on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoy the conversations I have with my patients and look forward to seeing them again at their next appointment.”

A caring approach

When it comes to caring for patients, especially ones who may be nervous about visiting the dentist, Andrea finds it helps to take her cue from the individual.

For nervous patients in particular, she likes to find out exactly what it is about the appointment that makes them nervous. From there comes up with a strategy to alleviate their anxiety and make it as positive of an experience as possible. 

Andrea has also found that her patients, in turn, help her grow personally.  “I didn’t realize how much of a rapport I could build with my patients.”

It’s all about communication

Andrea is able to communicate with her patients in either English or French.

Her top tip for taking care of your teeth? “Floss every day,” she says.

Connecting with nature

Outside of work, Andrea loves to spend her time horseback riding, camping, hiking—almost any activity she can do outdoors.

Part of a great dentistry team

Teamwork helps Andrea, as well as the rest of the Capital Dental team, give you a great experience from the moment you walk in our door.