3D Digital Imaging

Capital Dental Centre was designed for patients requiring modern technology for their dental needs, in less time than is required by standard techniques.

By providing high-resolution renditions of a patient’s jaw and facial structure, 3D digital imaging provides the quickest and most reliable way to establish a precise diagnosis, to prepare a patient for dental surgery, and to plan his or her treatment from start to finish.

Our Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner enables the digital capture of the equivalent of hundreds of high-resolution renderings of a patient’s teeth and surrounding bone structure to quickly and precisely ascertain the state of his or her oral health.

As well as assisting in the placement of dental implants, CBCT scanners are also proven to assist in identifying impacted teeth, cysts, severe anomalies affecting a patient’s teeth and jaws, or diseases which may require periodontal (gum) surgery.

Along with 3D guided surgery, our 3D digital imaging capabilities offer our patients the most cutting-edge technology available today.

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