Tooth Extraction

Requiring a tooth extraction is often the last recourse recommended by dentists in cases where the latest in restorative dentistry cannot save an infected or broken-down tooth.

At Capital Dental Centre, teeth extractions are performed by our team of dentists using the newest dental technologies such as ultrasonics and lasers. Microscope-enhanced dentistry can also be used to facilitate a minimally-invasive procedure with a quick recovery time.

A tooth extraction (also known as exodontia) surgery is considered part of a patient’s personalized treatment plan and  Capital Dental Centre has the advantage of using a variety of low-radiation x-rays and digital imaging techniques to ascertain whether such a procedure will be necessary.

Traditional exodontia can lead to complications including a fracturing of the tooth due to the use of forceps. Such a complication would usually require additional bone manipulation in order to successfully complete the extraction.

Modern advances in tooth extraction technology have significantly reduced the pain and risk of complications associated with the early days of exodontia surgery and the introduction of dental implant technology has revolutionized how dentists treat an empty tooth cavity.

Today, extractions have become a much simpler procedure due to the introduction of periotomes, extractors, and proximators, which gently help wiggle the tooth out of its socket.

When teeth extraction surgery becomes a necessary part of a patients’ treatment, the experts at Capital Dental Centre are on-hand to answer any questions the patient may have concerning the restoration of his or her smile back to a healthy state. For this reason, our dentists are also experienced in the science and art of performing restorative dental procedures such as dental implants and bridges.

If you think you might require a tooth extracted but are apprehensive at the thought of undergoing any oral surgery, ask one of our dentists at Capital Dental Centre how well other patients have responded to the administration of nitrous oxide sedation, oral conscious sedation or intravenous dental sedation.

Tooth extraction surgery is often the first step towards achieving total oral health and an aesthetic smile. You can trust Capital Dental Centre to attend to your dental needs along the way.

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