Root Canal

If you require root canal therapy, rest assured that at Capital Dental Centre we offer our patients the most comfortable and relaxing experience. Our fully-equipped, modern clinic, and team of highly skilled dentists will ensure that your root canal treatment is performed using today’s newest dental procedures.

Root canal surgery is required when a patient’s dental nerve (otherwise known as “pulp”) has ceased to be viable or is infected. Even when a dead or infected tooth nerve might not immediately cause pain in a patient, its removal is critical—as dead or infected pulp can have severe consequences.

Root canal therapy is performed by removing the dead or infected pulp from a patients’ tooth in order to eliminate the spread of infectious bacteria to the jawbone.

Patients are often relieved to hear that modern root canal therapy can be administered with virtually no discomfort at all. While most root canal surgeries will only require one visit, the Capital Dental Centre team is also qualified to intervene in more complex cases, which might require multiple visits.

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