Invisalign clear braces can provide patients with slight or severe orthodontic problems a revolutionary, comfortable and effective alternative to traditional metal braces.

Prior to the introduction of Invisalign, patients who suffered from dental conditions, such as overcrowding or widely-spaced teeth, cross bites and dental protrusions had no choice but to begin the process of wearing metal braces in the hope of correcting their dental problems.

Today, innovative dental clinics now offer Invisalign clear brace technology to both adults and teenagers wishing to improve the state of their dentition without the hassle of metal wires.

Your customized treatment plan begins with the leading-edge dental equipment used at Capital Dental Centre, which renders a perfectly fitted and durable 3D model of your teeth. Each clear aligner is then created with the use of laser beams that model a resin material to produce an individualized mold for each patient. Once the custom aligners are created, patients need to wear each aligner for a period of two weeks so that their teeth will progressively align in the desired way.

Invisalign clear braces can be safely and easily removed so that patients can eat, brush and floss normally. Another added benefit of Invisalign is that virtually no one can tell the patient is wearing “braces”—your lifestyle will remain exactly the same–talking, working or studying is not affected by the use of Invisalign. Each custom-designed aligner sits comfortably for a perfect fit.

Capital Dental Centre staff is always available to answer any questions new and long-time patients have about how clear brace technology can achieve a straight and natural-looking smile—without the need for cumbersome metal braces.

A typical treatment will require between 9 to 18 months of progressive teeth alignment and the complete treatment is virtually pain-free. Through the treatment process, patients are invited to the clinic to undergo short monthly check-ups to ensure that the alignment is progressing as planned—to their amazement and satisfaction.

With the top-of-line services and technology at Capital Dental Centre such as Invisalign, having perfectly aligned and natural-looking teeth has never been so simple.

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