Dental Surgery

Do you or someone you care about require dental surgery? An effective and simplified solution for oral surgery in Ottawa is available through the services and highly-skilled dentists at Capital Dental Centre. Our happy patients have experienced this first-hand.

Our dentists take the time to receive patients—with or without referrals—during a free consultation at our clinic.
One of the benefits of being a Capital Dental Centre patient is the accessibility of 3D guided surgery, one of the latest and revolutionary advancements in the field of dentistry today. This method provides our dentists with the ability to render a high-resolution, multi-dimensional view of a patient’s jaw, nerves, teeth and sinus cavities.

A clearer view means more accurate results, and 3D guided surgery has been proven to increase patient satisfaction, since it provides a safer and quicker result than traditional surgical methods used by other clinics. Our clinic offers a variety of dental surgery services, including:

  • Wisdom teeth and other tooth extractions
  • Bone grafting
  • Gum grafting
  • Root canal therapy
  • Titanium or Ceramic Zirconia dental implants

Capital Dental Centre also understands that certain patients require special needs, including assistance to remain calm and relaxed in preparation for their dental surgery. For this reason, our surgeons have been qualified to administer individualized sedation to suit our patient’s unique needs. Our patient’s comfort and positive experience is a fundamental element of our service, and our experienced staff is always on-hand to provide information and support during your visit.

The Capital Dental Centre team is proud to offer its patients the latest in oral surgery in Ottawa and happily accepts patients from other dental clinics who are referred to our clinic specifically for our unique capacities in the field of high-tech dentistry.

Prior to your dental surgery, you are invited to relax in our waiting room specially designed to leave you feeling calm, at ease and rejuvenated by your visit to our clinic.

The dental surgery professionals at Capital Dental Centre continually raise the bar for oral surgery in Ottawa by providing the most attentive customer service and cutting-edge equipment to assist you in achieving the dental health you aspire to. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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