Bone Grafts

Capital Dental Centre is proud to be able to offer our patients advanced bone grafting procedures in a comfortable and safe environment. Bone grafting enables the restoration of the jaw bone’s structure by replenishing the affected area with sterilized bone tissue and by stimulating the jaw bone’s natural growth.

Bone grafting is a procedure recommended for patients who will be receiving a denture, dental bridge or implant, following the loss of jaw bone mass due a tooth extraction. A properly structured and adequately dense jaw bone structure is necessary for the stability of the denture, bridge or implant.

Capital Dental Centre offers different types of bone grafts, depending on which best suits the patient. Allografts and Xenografts are industry standards, and have been safely and successfully used in all areas of the medical and dental fields for decades.

Our Capital Dental Centre team will advise you on the latest and most suitable bone grafting procedures to suit your specific case.

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