Rosalina Dimichele, Business Coordinator

Rosalina’s journey into the world of dental care started unexpectedly but passionately. Graduating with a Masters of Aesthetics from The Ottawa Academy Beauty School in 2010, she stepped into the diverse realm of beauty, finding her niche in making people feel confident in their appearance.

Her career trajectory took an intriguing turn when she joined Capital Dental in February of 2023. Transitioning from the beauty industry to dentistry might seem like a leap, but for Rosalina, it was a natural progression. She discovered the beauty within dental care, seeing teeth not just as functional tools but as an essential part of one’s beauty.

A passion for learning

What truly fuels Rosalina’s dedication is her love for learning and her passion for seeing people leave with beaming smiles. The joy of watching patients walk out with newfound confidence after their appointments is what drives her every day. Her love for the team at Capital Dental Centre is evident, as she effortlessly meshes with her colleagues, fostering a warm and supportive environment.

Creating a positive environment

Rosalina’s caring nature extends beyond her professional duties. Her soft spot for working with children adds an extra layer of warmth to her role. She understands the importance of making dental experiences positive and comfortable, especially for the younger patients, creating a nurturing space for them to feel at ease.

Key team collaborator

With a heart devoted to beauty, an unwavering commitment to learning, and a genuine love for people, Rosalina stands as an integral part of the team at Capital Dental, weaving together the realms of aesthetics and dental care with grace and enthusiasm.

Part of a great dentistry team

Teamwork helps Rosalina, as well as the rest of the Capital Dental team, give you a great experience from the moment you walk in our door.