Meet Brittany Sanford - Capital Dental Ottawa

Brittany Sanford, team lead

Brittany describes herself as a small town girl from northern Ontario. She joined Capital Dental in November 2020.

A helping hand

Her favourite part of her job is building relationships with the community, especially when it comes to helping a patient overcome anxiety about their appointment. She knows that some people are really nervous when they enter the office so she gets to work right away at making them feel at ease.

Simple but effective

When asked about advice for great dental health she simply said, “Brush and floss! Then brush and floss some more!”

Life outside the office

In her spare time she enjoys trying out new food at the diverse selection of restaurants around Ottawa. When she’s not touring the restaurant scene she can be found spending time outdoors with her family and friends or teaching her chihuahua, Moose, new tricks!

Part of a great dentistry team

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